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I have been pretty busy lately on Amazon. I have decided to assemble a "Listmania" SPSS, Stats, and Data Mining List. My reviews here will be in more depth, and by if you follow the link here it supports the site. I have a page dedicated to reviews reachable from the home page. Reviews on this site will exclusively be in keeping with the themes of this site. On Amazon, I will also review books unrelated to my current work. For instance, I have built a "Listmania" list for IQ and Testing work that was a real focus on research back in my SAT and Learning Styles days.

Book Reviews

Amazon Listmania

2 comments on “Book Reviews and Book Lists

  1. Very helpful, Keith. Could you please tell me if SPSS for dummies exists and is a helpful resource for beginners?


  2. SPSS for Dummies does exist – I haven’t read it. Sorry. I am going to answer your question is a new post.

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