About Keith McCormick

I am a data mining consultant,
 trainer, speaker, and author.

I consult often because I love using real data, and producing results that will be put to immediate use. I reserve about 20% of my year for training and conference presentations because I enjoy keeping up to speed on the latest software features and meeting lots of software users from a variety of industries.

This blog is where I post book reviews, and longer format observations about Data Mining and Statistics. I also tweet at KMcCormickBlog. I have written a book about IBM SPSS Modeler with my co-authors, and two more books, on SPSS Statistics, are to be released in 2015.

About keithmccormick.com

My contact info is here.

The fastest way to get right into the Data Mining and Stats content is the Book Reviews and/or Advice and Resources. Much of that will cross reference you to other material.

The SPSS Training section explains the whole IBM SPSS curriculum, but the easiest way to learn about training is to just contact me. If I can't help you directly, I can always point you in the correct direction.

Professional Portfolio

I have been using Stats software tools since the early 90s, and have been training since 1997. I have been data mining and using Modeler since its arrival in North America. I am an expert in IBM’s SPSS software suite including IBM SPSS Statistics, IBM SPSS Modeler (Clementine), AMOS, and Text Analysis, and Classification Trees. I don’t think that analyzing data is only about “point and click”, but it sure does save a lot of time when you know all the tricks.

My career path has had some twists and turns.  I studied in Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s (WPI) Computer Science Dept. until concluding that computer programming full time was not for me. I was really more interested in Psychometrics, Educational Psychology, and Epistemology.

However, my military scholarship obligated me to get a Computer Science degree. The compromise was an Interdisciplinary degree in all of the above that my committee and I called “Artificial and Natural Intelligence”. That combination resulted in several conference presentations and a keynote presentation concerning standardized testing and learning styles. 

That, in turn, landed me a long term consulting gig with the non-profit founded by the author of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). It was my first real introduction to using SPSS all day, everyday. {Much MBTI research tends to be more qualitative than quantitative, but the instrument itself is not to blame. It was first published by ETS.}

After that, some graduate classes at UNC-Chapel Hill, and some SPSS training, I found myself teaching thousands of people how to use it themselves.  I now mostly work in Data Mining, but have worked in: marketing research, survey analysis, statistics, helping friends with their dissertation work, and many other areas.

I am always coming across cool stuff on the web, or chatting with someone during a break about the latest thing, and never manage to keep track of it all. 
I hope this web site helps me do that and benefits others along the way.

I am available for training seminars.