Off to IBM Insight 2014

I’m leaving for Las Vegas tonight for IBM Insight. It is one of the best chances all year to meet with the legacy SPSS Inc. folks at IBM, and learn about what is headed our way in 2015 in SPSS. Also, of course, there is always a lot of IBM news. The subtitle this year is “The Conference for Big Data and Analytics”. I’m not a fan of the phrase “Big Data” as everybody who uses the term uses it differently, but I am very interested in IBM BigInsight and what it might mean for those of us that use Modeler. There are sessions about SPSS Statistics 23. There is no release announced, but I would imagine that this is an early sign that a new version is coming soon. There are no sessions for Modeler 17, so the lack of sessions might also be a hint as to where we are in the development cycle. Watson is going to have a real presence at the show.

I will be at the conference bookstore at noon on Monday to sign copies of the IBM SPSS Modeler Cookbook.

Kevin Spacey will be on hand. I love House of Cards, and I’m a fan, so that will be fun. So curious to know what the topic will be and if there are going to try to tie in his presentation into a conference theme. That might be a stretch, but he is such a pro that I’m sure it will be a good talk. No Doubt will be performing. I’m usually wiped out after a day of sessions – I go to something in almost every time slot – so I’m not sure that I will partake. They definitely try to put on a good show, though.

IBM has really formalized the process of watching from home. They call it InsightGO.

I will try to Tweet a few times a day.