Ohio State Summer Epi Classes

My calendar has finally allowed me to attend the Ohio State Center for Public Health Practice's summer program. They had one full length weekend course. I just complete the first day of David Hosmer's Survival Analysis class. The class follows the content of his text (coauthored with Stanley Lemeshow and Susanne May).

The class is bit intense to be honest at more than 200 slides per day, and clocking in at almost 8 hours of content. There are breaks, of course, but class started at 8:30 and ended at just a few minutes to 5. Since most reading my blog would be in industry and coming off a full week be forewarned. Having issued the warning, however, I learned a great deal. I've taught chapter length treatments of this subject in SPSS Inc's old three day Advanced Stats class. That 90 minutes of material clearly had to leave plenty of detail out. Even at a full two days, Dr. Hosmer has to leave plenty of material out of the discussion. Some of the highlights of the experience included learning more about options in Stata and SAS, and when not to trust defaults – topics that just didn't fit my presentation on the subject.

I expect to post again when I've had a chance to reduce some of my lessons learned to writing. In the meantime make a note to check out the 2014 program! It is held around this time of year each year.