World of Watson 2016

I’m in Las Vegas again for the annual IBM Conference. Depending on how you count, it has been a few years, more than 10 years, or just one year. Many years ago, I came to the annual SPSS Inc. conferences that were held here. Attendance was in the hundreds, not thousands. Then they became IBM conferences that had a substantial SPSS presence in the wake of the 2009 purchase of SPSS Inc. by IBM. It also had a large Cognos presence absorbing earlier Cognos conferences that were held in Las Vegas.

Now, in only its second year, the World of Watson has been relocated here. Last year it was held for the first time in NYC. I did not attend, but it was a much smaller conference. This year the combination of all of these original conferences … and more. Even though 17,000 is small by Las Vegas standards, I am feeling the difference. You have to stay attentive to the agenda and move briskly between sessions or you can miss out. The shear volume of brand names and technologies is intimidating, but there is no better way to keep informed than coming here.

For the second year, I will be blogging daily on the IBM Big Data and Analytics Hub.