Update of Raynald’s SPSS Tools and his Programming and Data Management for SPSS book

The version 23 edition of Programming and Data Management book for IBM SPSS Statistics has just been released. I’m excited that this great resource has stayed up to date, and so soon after the release of version 23.

IBM developerWorks summarizes the content well: The book covers data management using the IBM SPSS Statistics command language, programming with IBM SPSS Statistics and Python or R, IBM SPSS Statistics extension commands, and IBM SPSS Statistics for SAS programmers.

Importantly, there is a ton of supporting materials including all of the source code, and it can all be found here: Programming and Data Management book

The original author of this valuable book is Raynald Levesque, although I think a number of IBMers help in keeping it up to date. His site has recently been updated with all kinds of new content. I happen to believe that unless you’ve been using macros for decades, you shouldn’t be investing much time in them. You really should be learning python. With that caution, please do visit his wonderful site: spsstools.