SPSS Statistics 23 and SPSS Modeler 17 are Released Today

IBM has released the latest version of 23. I got to see a sneak peak at last year’s IBM Insight conference so I have been excited for the release. Also, I am writing two books using version 23 to be released this year. Spatio-Temporal analysis is a big part of this year’s release theme. In Modeler’s release notes they are also referring to “Geospatial Analytics”. The basic idea is to look at a specific defined space (zip code, county, grid zone, etc.) through the lens of slices of time. You might learn interesting things like that car break ins occur overnight, but that suburban home break ins occur during the workday. The new techniques have names like Temporal Causal Modeling and Spatio-Temporal Prediction. This is not just a single algorithm, in other words. This is a whole new analysis approach category.

An SPSS Statistic feature that is pretty exciting is expanded reporting options including the new Web Report. A Version 22 feature that I think has gotten too little attention is “Style Output” which many of us have written scripts to do. It is in the menus now, and has been for a while.

I won’t attempt to review the releases here, but will try to do so within the next week or so.

The SPSS Statistics trial can be found here. Info are Version 23 (and other recent versions) new features is also on the IBM website.

Additional exciting news is that SPSS Modeler also has a trial download page, and info on the upgraded features.

My Amazon page announcing the upcoming books discusses them in more detail.